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* We are a Pro Tools based studio utilizing real instruments in conjunction with high quality sequencers and samplers: Acid, Reason, Sonar, Native Instruments, Waves, Ozone, Sound Forge, Fruity Loops, etc...

Welcome to "Artists Without Bands" 

Singer/songwriters, "without bands"! Get your songs put to music with rhythm tracks specifically produced for your original music! 

This is not a "buy my track", Acid loop, Garage Band, or a drag and drop situation. These are full blown tracks augmented with real instruments*, in all genres...that can be done online. 

No need to force your melodies and lyrics over someone else's pre-made tracks. Your personal rhythm section is built from bar the style you want...just like you wrote it.

What are you waiting for?

Contact us today!!

Menu Samples

These are before and after mixes

1. Free - Contemporary Christian Rock

2. Joyous - Contemporary Christian Rock

3. Take Away The Rain - Blues

4. I'm Here - Contemporary Country

5. Thank You - 2 mixes Pop and House

  • Free - Christian Rock0:53
  • Joyous - Contemporary Christian0:50
  • You Take Away The Pain - Blues0:39
  • Im Here - Contemporary Country 0:33
  • Thank You 2 mixes Pop n House Mix0:39