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Don't have a band and want to get your songs recorded?

..."Artists Without Bands" is an online recording facility where singer/songwriters, "without bands" come to get their songs finished. 

We produce ryhthm section backing tracks tailored to your vocals and instrument producing  professionally mixed and mastered songs...in all genres.

​If you can record your vocals and instrument to a click track...we can turn those tracks into a band so you can place your tunes anywhere, or just use the backing tracks for live performances...If you don't have software, there's lots of free software available online that will let you record what  you need...we can beef it up from there, getting them to sound top notch.

​Finally a place to get your songs recorded, the way you wrote them...from bar 1...at a price a musician can afford.

​Contact us today!!! The world is waiting for your music!!

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